Water is essential for all life. Besides drinking, bathing, and recreation, water is used to fight fire, and has countless industrial applications. The City of Buffalo treated 23.7 billion gallons last year with an average of 65.4 million gallons each day to a population of approximately 276 thousand people, covering 46 square miles of piping network. On our highest single day, December 19th, we treated over 111 million gallons of water for distribution.

This enormous network of pipes, valves, service connections and hydrants is maintained, day and night, throughout all seasons. In the past year, the Buffalo Water Authority has replaced or renovated approximately 2.2 mile of water mains.

This water must be transported, after treatment, throughout the city. Pumps transport the treated water from a 28 million-gallon clear well, located below the filter beds, through two large conduits. The water travels through 800 miles of pipes and 25,000 valves to 80,000 service connections and 7,800 fire hydrants.